Noss Head Lighthouse Estate Grounds

Anyone entering this private home and garden area does so on the strict understanding that they are responsible and liable for their own safety and of those in their charge.

To help visitors appreciate accessible areas of the Noss Head Lighthouse Compound, we have provided a map (above) showing the official Registers of Scotland (HM Land Registry equivalent) title boundaries.

Light green shaded area = Right-to-roam accessible: subject to the Scottish Access Code (here).

Salmon Pink Area = Private Garden & Private Residences. No right-to-roam (as per statute: click here). However, we do welcome visitors who are respectful of our personal home and garden.

Noss Head Lighthouse Tower

We have been asked by tourists and visitors to clarify what part of the grounds are accessible. Organisations such as Walk Highlands and other excellent website operators promote walking as a fine way to stay healthy and admire the countryside. We wholeheartedly agree with this. However, we have numerous examples of the few who do not respect or are blissfully ignorant of the Scottish Access Code. One Austrian family actually opened the unlocked door of our home, walked straight in, then wandered through to living room looking for the coffee machine! They were making best efforts to follow a map they had printed off: click here (or here).

Notwithstanding some of the more wonderfully eccentric visitors in search of refreshments (and we did actually make our new friends 2 cups of coffee and 3 cups of tea), anyone travelling this far to see a lighthouse is generally the sort of person we love to meet. We have friendships going back 30 years through folk just visiting to take a photo of a lighthouse tower (Davaar, Ailsa Craig and/or Strathy Point).

So you are more than welcome to come into the private garden and residence area of Noss Head Lighthouse (salmon pink shaded area on the map above), but PLEASE stay on the main driveway, and NEVER climb over the seaward walls as the cliffs can be lethal.

We would remind folk that private gardens and domestic residences are not included under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 as places that have a right-to-roam access.

This is important as we hope anyone coming up to visit the inner garden and grounds will reciprocate the grace that we are more than happy to share access to this wonderful place, but merely ask those who do visit to respect the fact that you are entering the private garden area and home surroundings of someone’s home.

1] PLEASE: Do NOT climb over the walls to the cliffs. This is incredibly dangerous. Thank you.

2] PLEASE do not look into the bedroom windows. You might catch an eye full of Mrs Lighthouse Lady or even Grandad emerging naked from the bath tub! Once that sight has implanted in your mind, you may need professional counselling to remove the memory!

3] For the time being, PLEASE stay on the driveway. You should manage plenty of photographs of the lighthouse tower, the whales, puffins, wildlife from the ample roadway area.

4] PLEASE do not enter the inner paved courtyard between the former keeper’s houses and the tower – marked red on the plan below. This is an important health and safety issue. We are currently making the uneven flagstones and rusted manhole covers safe. Until these works are concluded the owners of the lighthouses and gardens would be grateful if you could keep to the main drive. Thank you.

Consequently, for health and safety reasons, the inner courtyard is currently off limits. It is shown on the undernoted plan as the area coloured RED.

The driveway that can be accessed across the private residence and private gardens for taking photographs of the lighthouse and scenery etc., is shaded GREEN…

We strongly believe that visitor access to the countryside should be encouraged, and that includes lighthouses. But this needs to be tempered with an understanding of personal safety and also respect for the fact you are visiting a private residence that is exempted from right-to-roam.

In return for respect and a healthy regard for your responsibility to your own health and safety, we are more than happy to welcome visitors to the Noss Head Lighthouse garden and private residence area (shaded salmon pink on the plan above).

Sunset At Noss Head Lighthouse

Any questions, please feel free to contact us at:-

The Estates Office, Noss Head Lighthouse Compound, Wick, Caithness, KW1 4QT.

Text: 0793 557 2803. If you prefer to email your enquiry, then please text us your email address. We will respond as soon as practicable. Please note, we do not publish email addresses on our internet sites as thousands of “spam robots” automatically hoover these up and then the email account is flooded with hundreds of junk communications offering knock-off handbags, fake trainers and little blue pills.

If you just TEXT us a note of your email address, we will get back to you. Kindest regards.